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Welcome to Fonmedig Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, here in Rosedale, Maryland where we provide a comfortable, friendly and welcoming environment for optimal dental care. Our dental team has years of experience caring for the most sensitive dental patients. We practice gentle and painless dentistry and take pride in having smiling and satisfied patients as they walk out our doors. We are located conveniently in Rosedale, MD near White Marsh and Perry Hall. Dr Fonmedig and his staff will help you to feel more comfortable about your dental visit. You can visit Rosedale Smiles – Cletus Fonmedig DDS for many procedures, even if it has been several years since you have had a visit to the dentist, you will be comfortable in our office.  Rosedale Smiles – Cletus Fonmedig DDS


In-office Dental Services:

These are just a few of the oral care services you’ll find in our practice! Our qualified and professional staff will care for your every need, from cleanings to restorations.

Why Invisalign®?

Rosedale Smiles - Cletus Fonmedig DDS
Rosedale Smiles - Cletus Fonmedig DDS
Our patients are delighted with the results of invisible braces – managed here in our convenient office.

Why Snap on Smile®?

According to our patients: After their in-office Snap on Smile procedure, they have never had a more dramatic improvement in their overall appearance than with the new Snap on Smile® This was their wisest investment of time and money. The Snap on Smile® improved their appearance and their self-confidence, was done in our office in Rosedale and was quick and convenient.

Snap on Smile® Dr Fonmedig’s Before & After Photos

Rosedale Smiles - Cletus Fonmedig DDS Get more information about Snap On Smile, click here

Rosedale Smiles - Cletus Fonmedig DDS

What’s New in Our Office?

Cletus A. Fonmedig, D.D.S., LLC is a BBB Accredited Dentist in Rosedale, MD Rosedale Smiles - Cletus Fonmedig DDS

Dental Association Memberships

Rosedale Smiles - Cletus Fonmedig DDS Rosedale Smiles - Cletus Fonmedig DDS